Thursday, June 16, 2011

Some poetry samples

I'm posting some sample poetry for my own pleasure!

Me and I by James Paul Gonzales

Stretched and wound between
The Silent Space, a vivid place,
Where once we faced each other.
Canonized, none could devise
A simpler way to waste our lives.

In looking back, I can't abstain,
My myth and madness are in sustain.
You have taken me by name and health!
Just how may I reclaim myself?

Dare you speak yourself from stillness,
As I reach to strike the illness
Of our shrill, begotten past?
You just cannot understand,
With any clarity or brevity,
The confrontations that have easily amassed.

For from the quiet crept the willing,
Crept the abled, who kept instilling
A morality too rigid to define.
And by leaving marks of might and carry,
Would one, compelled to fight the wary,
Rise from silent spaces, vivid places
To win aside our humbler faces.

And what of this dark, profound omission of yours,
Shaken by the roots as my fruition pours
Floors and floors... of virtue and contentment?
So I recognize that I alone,
In any way, cannot condone
The lying self in all its shame,
The intemperate soul bewitched by fame.

Now it is your dimness and your pomp
Which split-cast shadows as I walk.
Stay behind me, that the hindsights of purity
Frail and derail you.

Stay behind me
In a still submission,
In sweet division.

Turn About by James Paul Gonzales

I often wonder
Of our turning points and adaptations.
Only paraphrasing milestones;
A simple expression of progress.

Are we moving, you and I?
Or do our endless victories,
Endless defeats,
Belong in photographic memory.
As relative isolations make a history whole.

In an evolution of thought,
Change continues along a narrow line.
We are corridors, ever sectioning
This indefensible spirit.

By the collapsing sand
Through the mouth of the hourglass,
Our alterations protect something infinite.
Oh! These brittle appearances will fight like no other
The roaring substance in me!

But though I often wonder
Of Time's pivots and revelations,
I'll embrace the nature
And toss the narrative aside.

Analogous, Autonomous by James Paul Gonzales

Alike enough to hold hands;
We are gentle binaries, or
Twin sets of information.
Factual exposures,
Collating toes beneath the covers,
Perpetual association
From the fever of skin on skin.

Sound identities in a disparate blur;
One of me, one of you,
As two solutions authored to dissolve the
Instability of wondrous experience.
We hold ourselves in our arms,
Lift ourselves high unto the Source
So that others may rely on our operation.

Analogous... Autonomous...
Analogous... Autonomous...
Us together... You and I.